Friends of the Foundation


Helping the Foundation

Should you wish to aid and support the "Foundation de Coubertin", you may commission work from our workshops, acquire art works by asking the artist, or the gallery which represents him or those who have the property rights on his work, as long as these works are produced at the Foundation. You may also give donations for training, different cultural events or simply for the upkeep of the estate. It is also possible to offer works which could complete our library or collections of the Foundation. Whatever form your help takes it will be exclusively used towards accomplishing the statuary goals of the Foundation.



Friends of the Foundation

An association was created in 1978, whose goal is "to publicize the Foundation de Coubertin and to assemble around it all of those who are susceptible to help the Foundation to attain its objective". Its members also bring help via active assistance during certain events open to the public. The headquarters of the association is situated in the Manor House de Coubertin, where a general meeting is held each year. The members of the association pay a yearly fee.

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