The founders wanted to give the status of Foundation to their work in order to guarantee its continued existence. The financial independence of the Foundation is assured by the activity of its workshops. This independence guarantees the Foundation’s integrity, makes its work easier and also constitutes its originality. The workshops form the basis of the Foundation’s mission. They enable the Foundation to provide the work-study course which the students receive, while generating sufficient activity to absorb the costs and investments of this work.



The board of directors

The Foundation de Coubertin is directed by a governing body consisting of 9 members who are chosen by co-option from the building trade, the founder’s families and people who have invested in professional training. The president is assisted by a treasurer and a secretary. Its finances and different activities are managed and administered by a general director who assures its operational functions. He occupies the "Maison de l’oeuvre" situated in the heart of the estate.



The resources

To assure its function, administer its patrimony and to attain its objectives in helping and training which is has fixed, the Foundation has a variety of resources:

- The net product of the activities of the Ateliers Saint-Jacques (workshops) and the Fonderie de Coubertin (the foundry)

- The product of its cultural and artistic activities that it puts into action, such as the publication of books or bronze statues.

- Specific help which is attributed by the state and local organisations in accordance with its cultural and training activities.

- The product of occasional resources through exhibitions, seminaries or meetings.

- The interest from the endowment and the properties of the Foundation.

All of these products are exclusively used towards the accomplishment of the statuary rights of the Foundation and should therefore contribute to balance the charges that the Foundation assumes.



Last update : 11/09/2014