Our mission

To train and help

The principal mission of the Foundation is to pass on the values laid out by its founders. The heart of its action is based upon the idea that the training shouldn’t be only theoretical but also based upon an apprenticeship, which consists of a physical confrontation with the material by an action which draws together "the Spirit" and "the Hand". It is in this conception of putting into action the work of "conveying" that the Foundation dedicates most of its efforts. With this aim in sight, the Foundation welcomes some thirty young men and women, who practise a manual trade, each year. These young people must have finished their apprenticeship and to have practiced their trade for two or three years and to merit, by their aptitude and human qualities to be formed and helped by the foundation. It puts at their disposal the means of human and material resources which will enable them to perfect their knowledge in an exceptional environment. The Foundation also works to help young female students by proposing accommodation, for the length of their studies, in the Latin Quarter of Paris.



Passing on knowledge via exceptional workshops

In the framework of its mission, the Foundation assures accommodation as well as general and technical studies. To complete the theory lessons, it puts at the students disposal high quality workshops (the Ateliers Saint-Jacques), which are equipped to allow the students to alternate between intellectual and manual work. The goal of these workshops, where the function is identical to that of any other company, is also geared towards furthering the professional training of these young people by placing them in identical conditions to those of any private company. The Foundation is particularly attached to conveying, with honesty and subjectivity, the values it defends: perfection and a sense of responsibility. This is obtained by sharing and showing an example.

As Yvonne de Coubertin once said "being the yeast in the bread, these young men and women will take a new testimony into the world".


Last update : 11/09/2014