The programme


The 1,030 hours of training are given within the framework of this course covering both cultural teaching (general and artistic culture) and professional disciplines, which are divided into theory classes and practical classes in the workshops. These hours are delivered by a teaching team of fully qualified professionals. An annual evaluation measures the progress accomplished by each student in comparison to their level at the beginning of the course.


The cultural and artistic programme


- Free hand drawing

- Descriptive geometry

- Conical perspective

- History of styles and patrimony

- History of sculpture

- Initiation to sculpture and clay modelling


The general culture programme


- Openness to the world

- French expression

- Psychological Pedagogy

- Mathematics

- Resistance of materials

- English

- Accounting and management

- Computer science and office automation

- Computer aided drawing and design (AutoCAD)


The professional programme

1. Professional lessons

The professional teaching is provided by the people in charge of the workshops (Ateliers Saint-Jacques) :

- Joinery

- Metal work

- Stonecutting and masonry

2. Work in the workshops

This is the "work" part of the course which represents approximately 6 month of the 11 month training course and deals with professional refinement and supervision.

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