A time to develop the mind

The education given consists of a course which combines both work and academic studies and covers a general curriculum as well as artistic and technical disciplines. The time given to the mind offers the students a cultural and spiritual opening, in the form of lessons, conferences (organised within the framework of the "Entretiens de Coubertin"), theatrical workshops or even visits to architectural sites and museums.

The teaching year covers different disciplines which form a framework of "Work Culture" for the students. On one hand it is open to traditional skills and knowledge and patrimony and on the other to the realism of the contemporary world with its artistic tendencies and the demands of work in a company.

It can also be looked upon as a year put to profit by the students, to improve their general and professional culture.

We know that the Foundation is anything but an anonymous association. It is inseparable from the community of men and women of which it is composed and where life is organised to welcome and help those who are searching for their way in life. Each follows a course where research, contemplation and the development of the personality play an important role.

Last update : 11/09/2014